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Mill Creek Christian Counseling

About Our Christian Counselors

Mill Creek Christian Counseling is a close association of licensed, professional Christian counselors who specialize in the integration of faith, Biblical understanding and top-notch psychotherapeutic technique. Our counselors specialize in supporting individuals, couples, and families through a variety of challenges.

We want to help you live a joyful, meaningful and abundant life, at peace in yourself and your relationships.

If you are seeking support for yourself or your relationships, please contact us today and we will gladly connect you to a counselor who can help.

Christian Counselors in Mill Creek

Getting Started at Mill Creek Christian Counseling
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We at Mill Creek Christian Counseling are committed to your healing process and want to make your journey in counseling as smooth as possible. One of the most important steps toward transformation is finding a counselor that’s the right fit for you. For that reason, we will offer you a risk-free initial session.

If you decide for any reason not to continue with the counselor after your first meeting, we will waive the fee for the session. We are confident that you will find the right counselor and that your investment in us will yield positive change and growth. Our counselors are eager to help you get started.

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for help finding a counselor, call us at(425) 329-4464

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