Couples Counseling

When a relationship is on the rocks, a couple may seek counseling to improve intimacy and understanding or to determine whether or not to separate. In couples counseling, the relationship is the focus, although each member of the couple should also expect to focus on self-improvement and self-awareness.

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Many people believe that couples counseling is only married couples, for but counseling can support and strengthen relationships at any stage. At Mill Creek Christian Counseling, our experienced counselors come alongside couples to help mediate conflict-resolution for various issues that come up in dating—from commitment fears to sexual health to long-distance relationships and everything in between. We also help partners discuss and discern questions about their future, including marriage and starting or blending a family. Whether you have been dating for six months or six years, our counselors are delighted to support you and your partner as you seek to build a healthy life together.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no set of hard-and-fast “rules” for building a healthy dating relationship. Generally speaking, however, the key to a dating is to maintain balance: we tend to become very invested in our dating relationships, and keeping perspective is a skill everyone must learn. Dating is a great way to learn about who you are–your needs, interests, and desires–and to discern what you want in a partner. When the right person comes along, intimacy will develop naturally.

Learning to communicate well and to manage conflict with compassion and integrity are two of the most important acquired skills in any dating relationship. Even the closest relationships are not immune from miscommunication, and partners who have been together for years still experience conflict. A Christian counselor can help you and your partner learn how to navigate communication problems and conflict resolution. He or she will provide you with the tools to manage these issues in healthy and relationship-affirming ways.

A violation of trust has enormous potential to undermine the health of your relationship. If your relationship has been damaged by betrayal or lying, we encourage you to seek help. Repairing a broken relationship is never easy, but if you and your loved one are committed to healing, restoration is possible. Our trained counselors have helped many couples to overcome the hurt of betrayal, infidelity, and chronic lying, and to discover the path back to relational wholeness.

Learning to love and care for our significant others is a process that requires patience, discernment, and forgiveness. Whether you and your partner are in need of a little support or a serious reassessment, we are happy to help. No matter what stage you are at in your relationship, our counselors are here to support and encourage you in taking healthy, positive steps toward true intimacy and deeper commitment. Christian couples counseling is a wonderful opportunity to make time for your partner and to discover your shared values and visions for the future together. Give your relationship the attention it deserves–call us today!