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Mill Creek Christian Counseling is a close association of licensed, professional Christian counselors who specialize in the integration of faith, Biblical understanding and top-notch psychotherapeutic technique. Our counselors specialize in supporting individuals, couples, and families through a variety of challenges.

We want to help you live a joyful, meaningful and abundant life, at peace in yourself and your relationships.

If you are seeking support for yourself or your relationships, please contact us today and we will gladly connect you to a counselor who can help.

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My preteen daughter was having some issues dealing with her emotions etc so we decided to see Cristina Davis.
After the first session, my daughter immediately clicked with her and felt comfortable.
She literally told me after the session “ She was not what I expected, and I choose her.”

As a parent, I felt a little shame wondering what I did wrong that lead us to the point of seeking professional help, but Cristina immediately put me at ease, never once felt judged in any way.
Weekly sessions became something my daughter was looking foward to. It says a lot about a person when children are drawn to a person. Even my toddler who I brought with me at the end of my daughters sessions started asking about Cristina!
We are forever grateful for all of Cristina’s help and will miss her.


Rose Lee

Google Review

My preteen daughter came to see Cristina Davis. My daughter was nervous about meeting her and to my relief she immediately clicked with her during our initial appointment. Made this process a lot easier!
I as a parent never felt judged and felt comfort my daughter will get then help she needed.
During the course of her sessions, I can see positive changes. She has a way of making my daughter feel comfortable, & was looking foward to her sessions with her to connect. You can tell a lot about people when children are drawn to a particular person. Even my younger toddler daughter would ask for her!
We will always be forever grateful and will miss her now that we are finished.

Rose Lee

Google Review

Cristina is the best, very educated in her field and easy to work with!

Brooke EmbreeIsland Church Office

Google Review

Tonia Adams at Silverdale Christian Counseling is simply a wonderful and delightful person. Tonia has a contagiously joyful love of life and that attitude has been on display in many ways as I’ve witnessed her interactions serving and caring for people. Tonia is a skilled, intellectual communicator who also has a unique gift to empathetically understand other’s feelings and listen with authentic and sincere care. Where I’ve not personally witnessed this in her professional life since I’m not a client, it’s always on display in her life outside of her career which tells me, anyone looking for phenomenal support should look no further.

Island Church Office

Google Review

Leah is an incredible therapist. She is easy to connect with, open up to and trust with all of my thoughts, feelings and experiences. She is intelligent, intuitive and non-judgmental. I always feel important in her presence and feel like she truly cares. See her! She will help you to change your life. She’s simply the best 🙂

Aimee Seaborne

Google Review

Melinda is warm, caring and compassionate. She moves in such joy and causes everyone around her to feel at ease. She also has a unique way of being able to see a person the way Jesus sees them, which is truly beautiful. I would undoubtedly recommend Melinda to anyone in need of counseling.

Rachel H

Google Review

Vanessa makes a genuine connection with her clients. She truly cares for people and is always willing to go above and beyond. She works hard, is very reliable and is committed to follow up in a timely manner. She is trust worthy and always honest. I would highly recommend working with her

Philip Martin

Google Review

Cristina Davis was my counselor, she was attentive, professional, respectful and straight forward. I felt like she really get me and listened to what I had to say and that goes to show that she truly care for me individually. I would highly recommend her.

Daphne Mitchell

Google Review

I have had the privilege of knowing Leah Chambers professionally for almost a decade. She is deeply passionate and knowledgeable about helping others heal from trauma. She is also creative and thinks outside of the box, ensuring a safe therapeutic space for her clients.

Courtney Baggs

Google Review

I’ve been seeing Missy for three years now and our visits have very literally changed my life. I have always felt safe to be completely open with her and she has helped me to reframe unhealthy mindsets and coping mechanisms I’d always had and I can finally say I’m finding freedom from them. She has been a lifeline after I had a traumatic event happen and struggled with PTSD. She has always worked with my wildly varying schedule. I can’t recommend her enough, she is absolutely wonderful.

Rachel Burton

Google Review

My husband and I did pre marital counseling to set ourselves up with a solid foundation in the Lord. We are glad to have come across Mike, who married us at the end of it. He was essential to our beginning and there for us during a few hard times.

Destiny Launay

Google Review

I have been in counseling with Chris Lewis for about a year and have continued my counseling with him at Seattle Christian Counseling. This process has been a life changing experience and I am extremely grateful that I started. This journey has been rough sometimes, and a lot of hard work but has always been worth it. I started counseling as someone who dealt with anxiety on a daily basis and struggled a lot with my childhood and family relationships. Through counseling, Chris walked with me through the hurts of my childhood, always looking at things realistically but never lacking grace. Since being in counseling I have learned how to deal with my anxiety, own and name my feelings, grow in my relationship with myself, others, and God. I am now very hopeful about the future and all the growth it will hold, because counseling has shown me there is always hope for continued growth. I would encourage anyone who is thinking of counseling, to take the step of courage and begin at Seattle Christian Counseling. It is hard work and can sometimes feel overwhelming, but to this day is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Whenever I come home my roommate can always tell I’ve been to counseling, she says it’s because I look so peaceful and happy, and to me that speaks volumes.

Abbey C

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