Chris Chandler, MA, LMHC, CSAT

Licensed Counselor and Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist
(425) 954-7494   |   [email protected]

Have you ever struggled with doubt, failure, or addiction? I have, and I know that redemption is possible through Christ. My hope for you is to find healing and wholeness. I’m honored to use my experiences and faith to help you reclaim and fortify your life though faith-based counseling. Whatever you’ve been through, I offer you a safe and understanding place where you can find your path to freedom. Together, we can discover lasting and positive change though the love, mercy, and grace of Christ.

Online (WA only) – Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri

Focus Areas

  • ADHD

  • Anxiety

  • Chemical Dependency

  • Codependency

  • Depression

  • EMDR

  • Group Counseling

  • Individual Counseling

  • Men’s Issues

  • Sex And Porn Addiction


I have worked with Chris Chandler for the past three years and appreciate the combination of professionalism, accountability, grace and strong work ethic in our working time together. I especially appreciate his timely coordination with therapy planning and sensitivity to partner trauma and grief. I look forward to continuing to work with Chris in the months and years to come!

Susan Ward-Moynihan

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I went to graduate school with Chris and have been collaborating with him in private practice since 2013. Chris is a great counselor and colleague. He is compassionate, knowledgeable, and relatable. I strongly recommend his counseling services!

Serge Hovaguimian

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Where do I start? Getting into counseling takes a certain amount of courage, and not until I KNEW I NEEDED help could I muster enough of it to ask. Joining into a group setting was an even bigger fear to face. I mean, now I have to expose myself to others too?!?! Thanks to Chris Chandler and my brothers from group, I can now see the benefits gained from being part of something that is more than just about me. Being part of a group brought an even deeper level of richness to the healing I was already experiencing by meeting with Chris regularly. Having fellowship with other guys like me has had a significant positive impact on my life. In conjunction with with qualified professional counseling I also moved into a deeper relationship with God, learning that they worked simultaneously together for my benefit. Life for me now is better and fuller. I’m happier now, and even though I want to still keep moving forward in the process of recovery, I finally have some freedom to enjoy life as I was intended to. I hope this review gives hope and courage to those considering in investing in themselves and their families.

Jacob Munoz

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Chris is sincere, honest and well educated trained in addiction therapy. He listens real well, and offers positive feedback while still encouraging me to be honest open and work progress. I like his style.

Dale H

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Counseling with Chris Chandler has been one of the most helpful and beneficial experiences of my life. I have learned much about myself and God and have learned to see myself gracefully. I could not be more grateful for the insights that Chris has provided me in helping me to understand life.

Peter Clinkenbeard

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My wife and I could not be more please with Chris Chandler and the care he has given our son. We’ve seen him go from a sullen, moody teen to one that has joined track, tried out for drama and spends time with his sister. We couldn’t possibly thank him more!

Roger Wilcox

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Chris Chandler has been super helpful and easy to deal with. Low key approach but it`s not a free ride. Recommended !

Thommy Kent

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I’ve been working with Chris for the last 6 months or so. He and his staff have been helpful and prompt to respond to emails, calls etc. He is very easy to work with and has been very helpful to me. I would recommend him to anyone else in a heart beat.

Dwayne Codrington

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My son has been going to Chris Chandler for a little less than a year. When we approached the subject of counseling, he was dead set against the idea. After asking him to give it a try, it is clearly the best decision we could have made for him and our family. Our son has really grown a lot in these past months and has learned to really hear us. After this summer, he asked that we continue to allow him to stay with Chris and that was a huge victory. I look forward to seeing him continue to grow as a young man and I am grateful to God and Chris for opening his heart and helping him to communicate in a more productive way with his dad and I.

Charice D

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