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Chris Lewis MA, LMHC

Chris Lewis

Sometimes discovering what is really important only comes in those dark nights. Through my experience I can help you through yours too.

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Dr. Julie Stroemel Psy.D.

Dr. Julie Stroemel

I’m a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with years of experience helping people overcome a wide-variety of issues. My hope for you is to find restoration through

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Maryann Stigen MA, LMHCA, CSAT-Candidate

Maryann Stigen

Many of us view ourselves as “less than” what we really are as children of God. As we meet together, I will endeavor to hold the flashlight so to speak, in

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Patricia Lyon MA, LMHC, CSAT-Candidate

Patricia Lyon

Knowing when it’s time to seek counseling takes wisdom, courage, and humility. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate, I have experience in helping p

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Other Counselors that match some of your criteria:

Kristina Kubli MSW, MHP, LSWAIC

Kristina Kubli

If you are facing difficulties in life or you’re feeling stuck and unable to achieve the growth and healing you desire, I am here to help. My hope is that my

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Dr. Kevin Boll MDIV, DMin, LMHCA

Dr. Kevin Boll

With more than three decades of counseling experience, I offer compassion, empathy, and guidance during times of trouble. I’m here to provide support while yo

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Leah Elliott MA, LMHCA, LMFTA

Leah Elliott

God wants us to experience abundant life and peace in Him. As a child of God, you possess incredible worth and beauty. Through our sessions, I want you to see a

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Jennifer Mott MA, LMHC

Jennifer Mott

Are you ready to experience lasting peace? As your counselor, I will help you discover how to build on your current strengths to find greater joy and fulfilment

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Dr. Angela Hanford Ph.D.

Dr. Angela Hanford

Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, an eating disorder, depression, trauma recovery, relationship issues, challenges with your child or teenager, or some oth

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