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Depression and Anxiety: Unmet Expectations

Depression is one of the most solvable diagnoses in Mental Health. Primarily, it is driven by the thought disorder of having expectations that are far too high and unreasonable for yourself or others. However, it has genetic components that can be overwhelming also.

Symptoms of Depression

Depression can show itself as:
  • feeling lethargic
  • being irritable
  • having a lack of contact with self
  • simply existing
  • poor self-care
  • feelings of apathy
  • a constant nagging feeling
  • seeking comfort (through something like food or shopping)
  • becoming obsessive
  • being frequently moody
  • experiencing chronic sleepiness
  • ...

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Marriage 101: Advice from a Christian Marriage Counselor

Marriage, when it is not working, can be the loneliest place in the world. The covenant of marriage requires us to love, honor, trust and cherish. If we don't do that, then we have no foundation to stand on. Every argument we ever have is a trust issue. When we violate trust, to any degree, then we are telling our partner that our love is not important and they are not important. You can love someone and not trust them, but when you trust, the love will always follow. In Christian marriage counseling, we work on trust. There is nothing we can do about love because it is an emotion. The safety of hearing each other and validating each others perceptions does not require agreement. It is a true act of love. It gives us a place to work t...

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Healing from Trauma for Christians

I have treated first responders, families, communities, groups, and people of all ages for nearly 20 years involving the outcomes of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Acute Anxiety. Trauma is one of the most challenging and rewarding types of mental health treatment there is. To understand our brain and trauma, one must first look at the biological issue that stems back to our very beginning. For example, let's say you are a cave person and suddenly heard a loud running noise, saw the bushes being crushed, and then see a Saber-tooth tiger coming straight for you. After you have figured out a way to save yourself, think of what has happened to your brain. Everything about that event is now stored in the Limpic system, right abo...

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