Is it difficult to prioritize the overwhelming number of thoughts in your head at once? Are you constantly forgetting, misplacing, or losing things? Do you find it impossible to sit still? If you are struggling with these kinds of organizational and focus-related issues, you may have ADHD. While we tend to associate this neurobiological disorder with children and teens, it also affects adults, and without proper treatment it can lead to academic or professional failure, relational challenges, and emotional difficulties. To learn more about ADHD...Learn More

  • Am I struggling with ADHD?
  • ADHD Symptoms and Common Struggles
  • Achieving Success with ADHD
  • ADHD and Relationships

Aging and Geriatric Issues

Many people find it difficult to come to terms with the particular issues associated with aging. Adjusting to retirement, grieving your loved ones, facing your deepest fears about death-all of these experiences can be very overwhelming. As you move this highly transitional period, there are ways to manage your fears and relationships that will enable you to cope with challenges and embrace new experiences.Learn More

  • Am I Aging Gracefully?
  • Common Issues Related to Aging
  • Wisdom, Beauty, and Relationships
  • Death and Dying

Anger Issues

Do you have a hard time controlling your anger? Is your anger ever disproportionate to the experience that caused it? Have you gotten into trouble (legal or otherwise) because of your anger issues? Feeling angry is a perfectly normal emotion, but when it spins out of control, anger can have a negative impact on your mental, emotional, and spiritual life—and unchecked anger devastates relationships.Learn More

  • Do I Have An Anger Problem?
  • Anger Management And Healing
  • Causes and Reasons for Anger
  • Anger and Relationships


Anxiety is a normal emotion that most people experience at some time or another as a response to stress or fear. However, excessive and disproportionate anxiety is not normal. An anxiety disorder is a mood disorder characterized by prolonged and unwarranted anxiousness that significantly hinders functioning, happiness, and/or sociality. It is sometimes accompanied by physical symptoms such as heart palpitations, fatigue, and muscle tension. If your anxiety is affecting your ability to function on a daily basis, you may have an anxiety disorder.Learn More

  • Do I Have Anxiety Disorder?
  • Common Types of Anxiety Disorders
  • Managing and Recovering from Anxiety
  • Anxiety Disorders and Relationships

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder in which the sufferer fluctuates between unusually acute episodes of mania and depression; these episodes can last for up to several weeks at a time and can impede normal life. During mania, an individual may feel unusually energetic, elated, impulsive or agitated; depressive episodes can be mild or severe. In addition to mood swings, persons suffering from bipolar disorder fluctuate in energy levels and motivation.Learn More

  • Do I Have Bipolar Disorder?
  • Fears, Misconceptions, and Realities
  • Treatment for Bipolar Disorder
  • Bipolar and Relationships

Chemical Dependency

Are you a regular drug user who has tried to stop, but can’t give up the habit? Do you drink alcohol even though it makes you anxious or depressed? Has substance abuse isolated you from your loved ones? Chemical addiction is a complex physical and psychological condition in which a person cannot control his or her use of potentially harmful substances. This is a serious, sometimes fatal, condition that alters brain chemistry, and requires both medical and psychological intervention.Learn More

  • Could I Be Addicted?
  • Types and Causes of Chemical Dependency
  • Recovering from Chemical Dependency
  • Addictions, Relationships, and Codependency

Christian Counseling for Children

If your child is struggling and it seems as if they are finding it difficult to cope with the challenges at home or school, we encourage you to seek professional support. A Christian counselor can help your child understand and work through the challenges of growing up. We will also come alongside you to equip you to support your child’s needs more effectively.Learn More

  • Does My Child Need Christian Counseling?
  • About Christian Counseling for Children
  • Common Issues Facing Today's Children
  • Warning Signs in Children

Christian Counseling for Grief

The term ‘grief’ describes the emotional pain we feel in response to a personal loss and/or tragedy. There are many events in life that can trigger grief – the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, the end of a relationship, or traumatic experience, to name a few. Though each person experiences grief differently, experts agree that most sufferers need strong support from others.Learn More

  • Do I Need Help Dealing With Grief and Loss?
  • Recovering from Grief and Loss
  • Grief, Loss and Relationships

Christian Counseling For Teens

While it is completely normal to experience angst during the teen years, the stresses of being a teenager should never prevent your child–or your family–from flourishing. The teen years are all about self-discovery and testing boundaries in order to shape identity. This can put a real strain on even the healthiest family relationships. If your teen is struggling and you are finding it difficult to cope with the challenges at home, we encourage you to seek help.Learn More

  • Does My Teen Need Christian Counseling?
  • About Christian Counseling for Teens
  • Common Issues Facing Today's Teens
  • Warning Signs in Teens


Codependency is a relational dynamic in which one person puts the needs of others ahead of his or her needs in an attempt to compensate for low self-esteem and/or feelings of guilt or shame. At heart, then, codependency is a dysfunctional relationship with yourself. Codependent relationships are imbalanced, with one person trying to ‘earn’ validation by pleasing the other.Learn More

  • Are You In a Codependent Relationship?
  • Boundaries & Codependent Relationships
  • Freedom & Recovery from Codependent Relationships
  • Addictions & Codependent Relationships

Couples Counseling

When a relationship is on the rocks, a couple may seek counseling to improve intimacy and understanding or to determine whether or not to separate. In couples counseling, the relationship is the focus, although each member of the couple should also expect to focus on self-improvement and self-awareness.Learn More

  • Do I Need Christian Couples Counseling?
  • Healthy Dating Relationships
  • Communication Problems and Conflict Resolution
  • Betrayal, Lying, and Broken Trust
  • Christian Couples Counseling at Mill Creek


If you find yourself wanting to stay in bed all day, or feeling a general sense of sadness for reasons you can't identify, you may be depressed. If you feel yourself slumping into a dark mood that you can't seem to shake, you may be depressed. The best thing to do is call a counselor today, who can help you identify your symptoms and determine the best course of action.Learn More

  • Could I Be Depressed?
  • Common Types and Causes for Depression
  • Recovery from Depression
  • Depression and Relationships

Eating Disorders

Think for a moment about your relationship with food. Do you frequently worry about meals? Are you ever unable to stop eating, even beyond the point of feeling full? Do you sometimes starve yourself, induce vomiting, or take other drastic steps to lose weight? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have disordered eating habits that can lead to an eating disorder.Learn More

  • Do I have an Eating Disorder?
  • Types and Causes of Eating Disorders
  • Treatment for Eating Disorders
  • Eating Disorders and Relationships

Family Counseling

In our fast-paced and busy modern world, it is especially challenging to develop the life patterns and habits that support a healthy family dynamic. Our cultural infatuation with social media and smart phones has changed the way we communicate, and the precious little time families have together is too often divided and distracted.Learn More

  • Would My Family Benefit From Christian Family Counseling?
  • About Christian Family Counseling
  • Common Issues Facing Today’s Family
  • Safeguarding and Developing Healthy Families

Group Counseling

Individual counseling offers a great opportunity for one-to-one feedback, but some people respond best to group accountability and camaraderie. At Mill Creek Christian Counseling, we understand that some issues are best explored in a communal context. Through group counseling, you can know that you are not alone in your pain and struggle. You will also have the opportunity to receive feedback from several persons, and to offer support and insight to others—which empowers both you and others to use your pain for personal growth. The following ...Learn More

  • Would I Benefit From Group Counseling?
  • About Group Counseling
  • Groups Offered By Mill Creek Christian Counseling

Individual Counseling

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by life’s challenges? Is depression, anxiety, or any other psychological condition inhibiting your day-to-day functioning? Are you satisfied in your work, relationships, and personal development? If you have any issues or mental health concerns that are preventing you from enjoying life, you may benefit from individual counseling.Learn More

  • About Individual Christian Counseling
  • Do I Need Individual Christian Counseling?
  • Building Self-Worth, Self-Esteem, and Deeper Relationships
  • Dealing With Hurts, Habits, and Hang-Ups
  • Christian Counseling for Individuals

Infidelity and Affairs

Infidelity is a devastating betrayal of marital trust. Healthy relationships are founded on trust, openness, and honesty—and violating any of these virtues undermines the health of a marriage. If you or your partner has been unfaithful, the road to relational recovery will be long and difficult. You may feel hopeless, helpless, and ready to give up on the marriage. If you are facing this situation, we urge you to seek the help of a professional Christian marriage counselor.Learn More

  • What is Infidelity?
  • Understanding the Cause of Infidelity
  • The Aftermath of an Affair
  • Discerning The Next Steps

Marriage Counseling

Most couples enter into marriage with an expectation that the relationship will remain fulfilling for a lifetime. However, all marriages face conflict, and over the years, many couples drift apart. With the added stress of work and family, it’s no wonder that so many find marriage unsatisfying. Eventually, all couples realize that a fulfilling marriage takes work; yet if both partners are dedicated to fostering intimacy, the joys of marriage can be the ultimate reward. Learn More

  • Am I Satisfied With My Marriage?
  • About Christian Marriage Counseling
  • Communication Problems & Conflict Resolution
  • Affairs, Lying, and Broken Trust
  • Building and Repairing Intimacy

Men's Issues

Take stock of your life for a moment. Think about what you dreamed for yourself as a young man, and how that dream developed over time. Now think about where you are today: is this what you wanted? Are you satisfied with your career? Do you feel fulfilled in your relationships? If you feel like you’re not the man you want to be, you are not alone.Learn More

  • Am I The Man I Want to Be?
  • Unique Struggles and Challenges Facing Men
  • Sexuality, Culture and Relationships
  • Men, Faith, and Spirituality


Do you suffer from intrusive thoughts about imagined events or scenarios that will likely never occur? Do you often worry that something catastrophic will occur as a result of your carelessness? Have you developed rituals, habits, or behavior patterns that relieve your feelings of anxiety? If this is familiar, you may be suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder. OCD is an anxiety disorder in which a person carries out deliberate acts in order to relieve the stress brought on by intrusive, fear-inducing thoughts. For more information about O...Learn More

  • Am I Struggling with OCD?
  • OCD Symptoms and Common Struggles
  • Achieving Success with OCD
  • OCD and Relationships

Personal Development

If you’re unsatisfied with the direction your life is taking, Christian counseling for personal development might be able to help. Whether you are unhappy at work, are struggling within your relationships, or have concerns about growing on a personal and/or spiritual level, I can work with you to develop a plan for getting your life on track. Together we will discuss where you are now and where you want to be. From there, we can talk about things that are hindering you and find practical and lasting solutions. I’m passionate about helping p...Learn More

  • Are You Satisfied with Life?
  • Developing Purpose, Passion and Character
  • Personal Development and Relationships
  • Growing in Happiness and Holiness
  • Discover Your Leadership Potential

Pornography Addiction

Have you ever craved a date with pornography more than a date with your partner?  Have you fantasized about a porn star while making love with your partner? Do you look forward to being alone so that you can have time to watch porn? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have an addiction to pornography.Learn More

  • Do I have a pornography addiction?
  • Treatment for Pornography Addiction
  • Pornography addiction and relationships

Premarital Counseling

So, you’re engaged–congratulations! Marriage is a relationship like no other, and while you cannot know every detail about your partner beforehand, the time leading up to the wedding can be an excellent opportunity to get to know one another more intimately. Have you discussed issues such as living expectations, financial habits, and plans for raising children? These topics will come up in marriage, and it’s important to know how your partner feels beforehand.Learn More

  • How Well Do I Know My Fiancé?
  • What are the Benefits of Premarital Counseling?
  • What’s the Process of Premarital Counseling?

Psychological Testing

Neuropsychological testing is a form of specialized psychological evaluation that provides insight into how different areas and systems of the brain are working. The test examines various aspects of cognitive functioning, including intellectual processing, reasoning, problem solving, concentration, language skills, mood, and personality. Neuropsychological testing is thorough and can detect memory and cognitive problems that might not otherwise be apparent. It can enable you to better understand yourself, and can be used by doctors and psycholo...Learn More

  • What is Clinical Neuropsychological Testing?
  • What is the Purpose of Neuropsychological Testing?
  • What Happens in During the Test?
  • Should I Be Tested?

Relationship Issues

Do you struggle to build satisfying connections with others? Are you unhappy in your friendships, or isolated from your coworkers? Is it difficult for you to trust others? All of us long for fulfilling relationships, but building and maintaining healthy, successful relationships can be difficult—and if you are struggling, you’re not alone.Learn More

  • Do You Have Difficulty Maintaining Relationships?
  • Dealing with Problem Relationships
  • Repairing a Broken Relationship
  • Building Successful Relationships

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse refers to any instance in which one person forces another person to engage in unwanted sexual activities, or makes unsolicited threats or harassing comments of a sexual nature. Abuse is measured subjectively; it can be any unwanted sexual activity or remark that makes a person feel violated or uncomfortable. Sexual abuse can happen to anyone— men, women, children, and adults—and can be a single incident or an ongoing occurrence.Learn More

  • Am I a Victim of Sexual Abuse?
  • Sexual Abuse. What Do I Do Now?
  • Healing and Recovery From Sexual Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse and Relationships

Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction refers to a condition in which a sufferer cannot gain control over his or her sexual thoughts and/or activities. Persons suffering from sex addiction spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about, planning, and participating in sexual activities, often to the detriment of their work and personal life.Learn More

  • Do I Have a Sex Addiction?
  • Treatment for Sex Addiction
  • Sex Addiction and Relationships

Spiritual Development

Do you long for faith-based renewal and fulfillment, but feel stuck in a spiritual rut? Are you struggling to make sense of life’s challenges in light of your faith? Do you need help discerning God’s will for your life? Christian counseling provides a space for you to probe the deepest questions human beings can ask—a space to doubt, discern, and discover anew the incredible power of God’s love for you.Learn More

  • Is My Faith Growing?
  • Faith, Doubt, and Discovery
  • Growing in Happiness and Holiness
  • Spiritual Warfare


The word trauma refers to psychological or physical damage that results from a severely distressing event or experience. Persons suffering from trauma usually experience emotional numbness, anxiety, and a pervasive sense of vulnerability or fear. Trauma that occurs in childhood is likely to resurface as an adult. Very often, a sufferer will re-experience the traumatic event in their psyche, particularly when faced with certain reminders of the event (or triggers).Learn More

  • Am I Suffering From Trauma?
  • Common Types and Causes of Trauma
  • Healing and Recovering from Trauma
  • Trauma and Relationships

Weight Loss

Descrption Not Available.

Women's Issues

Think for a moment about what you dreamed for yourself as a young girl, and how that dream has developed over time. Now think about where you are today – is this what you hoped for? Are you satisfied in your career and relationships? Would you like to see your life change for the better? If you are a woman who who wants more from life, help is available. Christian counseling offers women a great place to process their concerns and desires, and to seek new solutions to old problems.Learn More

  • Am I The Woman I Want to Be?
  • Unique Struggles and Challenges Facing Women
  • Sexuality, Culture and Relationships
  • Women, Faith and Spirituality