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Types of Bipolar Disorder: Symptoms and Treatment

The term “bipolar” is sometimes used colloquially to describe shifting or volatile emotions. It is fairly common for someone to say, “You’re being so bipolar right now,” or “I’ve been feeling bipolar lately” as they allude to the typical ups and downs of the human emotional experience. However, this informal use of “bipolar” is problematic for a number of reasons. One reason is because using the term incorrectly perpetuates an incomplete and inaccurate understanding and undermines the very real and distressing experiences of people with bipolar disorder.

Types of Bipolar Disorder

Rather than an adjective used to casually describe emotions, bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that encompasses a num...

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5 Eating Disorders Statistics to Set the Record Straight

Plenty of stereotypes and assumptions exist about eating disorders. Here are five eating disorders statistics to set the record straight.

5 Eating Disorders Statistics

1) “Anorexia Nervosa has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness” (Arcelus, Mitchel, Wales & Nelson, 2011). Compared to the vast array of research and literature on many other mental health illnesses, there is a glaring lack of research on eating disorders, especially research that goes beyond the traditional conceptualization of eating disorders. Due to the lack of literature as well as widespread misconceptions, the lethality of eating disorders is often overlooked. While mortality rates are high across all eating disorders...

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Symptoms and Treatment Options

Most of us are familiar with various symptoms of anxiety, such as a nervous stomach, racing pulse, restlessness, or worrying thoughts in response to a stressor. Almost everyone can think of a new experience, challenging conversation, or scary situation that elicited these reactions. At times, anxiety is highly beneficial; it alerts us to harm, protects us from potential danger, and heightens our ability to react as needed to specific situations. However, anxiety is problematic when it occurs excessively and gets in the way of living the life we want. If you or a loved one has experienced an anxiety disorder, you may know firsthand the way anxiety can take over your life and consume your thoughts. Or, you may be experiencing anxiety sy...

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